Ebb Tide Interview

CCNY’s award-winning documentary filmmaker Vivan Rivas talks about her motivations for telling stories. Vivian describes the impact of being a cinematographer for “Abused: The Postville Raid,” a documentary about a massive immigrant raid in Ohio. She also describes her work as a film student and her thesis film “Ebb Tide,” a documentary about a former teacher hoping to reconnect with her East Harlem students.

Guatemalan-born Vivian Rivas graduated as an Architect in 1990. In 1993, she worked as a prop-master for the first award-winning Guatemalan feature film “The Silence of Neto” and later moved to NYC to pursue her passion for filmmaking. At the age of 54, Rivas received her Master’s Degree in Documentary Filmmaking from CUNY CCNY. Her thesis film “Ebb Tide” has been accepted in more than 15 festivals around the world and has won 7 awards.

Ebb Tide

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