Zikkaron/Kristallnacht: A Family Story


“Zikkaron/Kristallnacht: A Family Story” is a short documentary that describes the events of November 9-10, 1938, when Nazis destroyed thousands of Jewish-owned stores, synagogues, and homes all over Germany and parts of Austria under the pretext of the assassination of a German diplomat in Paris.

“Kristallnacht” translates as “The Night of Broken Glass,” a reference to the shards of broken glass that were a result of the destruction, and is considered to be a seminal event that led ultimately to the Holocaust. The events of Kristallnacht are told from producer Dr. Eugene Marlow’s maternal family’s perspective, who were present in Leipzig, Germany, during the pogrom. The video contains dozens of historical photographs and films, along with an original music score composed and performed by Dr. Marlow and his Heritage Ensemble.

Dr. Marlow is a professor at Baruch College in the Department of Journalism and the Writing Professions. Support for this project was provided by a PSC-CUNY Award, jointly funded by The Professional Staff Congress and The City University of New York.

Eugene Marlow Interview

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