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Ebb Tide

Teaching / Youth

"Ebb Tide" is the story of Zee, an 86-year-old retired teacher, who decides to go back to the happiest time of her life and make peace with the path she has chosen by reconnecting with her students from the early ’90s in East Harlem. Read more
img of Vivian Rivas

Vivian Rivas

The Unstoppable

Mental Health / Bullying

"The Unstoppable" follows Lottie, an eccentric black teenage girl who struggles to communicate her feelings and becomes overwhelmed by things she cannot control. Lottie finds solace in writing, but her fight to work through her emotions is interrupted by a bully. Read more

The Unstoppable - Interviews

image of someone writing a letter


Asian American Youth / LGTBQ

In "Unspoken: LGBTQ Asian Pacific Islander Stories," six queer and trans Asian Americans grapple with their queerness and consider what family acceptance might look like. Read more
Patrick G. Lee image

Patrick G. Lee

boneyard pic

The Boneyard

Shipping / Remnants/ Staten Island

"The Boneyard" takes a look at the remnants of ships hidden along the Arthur Kill, the Staten Island Ship Graveyard. Underneath the hulls of the decaying ships, a museum of stories comes alive. Read more

James Verdi

Right to College picture

Right To College

College / Youth

“Right to College” describes the challenges facing Karoline, Christine, and Enoch, seniors at Brooklyn high schools determined to get their classmates to attend college... Read more

Julianne Dressner

Third World Newsreel - Briefly

Justice / Video Production / Media Arts

TWN is an alternative media arts organization that fosters the creation, appreciation, and dissemination of independent film and video by and about people of color and social justice issues Read more

Roselly Torres

image of bottle and can redemption center

The Fourth Kingdom

Immigration / Public Spaces / Community

“The Fourth Kingdom” is a documentary about daily life in a bottle and can redemption center on the outskirts of New York. It’s a “Kingdom” in which both undocumented immigrants and US citizens share Read more
picture of Alex Lora

Alex Lora

American flag with Immigrants and

Ellis Island: The Making of a Master Race in America

Discrimination / Immigration / Eugenics

‘Ellis Island: The Making of a Master Race in America’ documents the influence of eugenics on U.S. immigration policies from the 19th century until now. Read more
image of Robert Tutak, film maker

Robert Tutak

image from Stand Up, Stand Out

Stand Up, Stand Out

LGTBQ / AIDS / Gay Liberation

"Stand Up, Stand Out" tells a unique story of activism that took place in San Francisco during the burgeoning Gay Liberation Movement of the 1970s. Read more
image of David Pavloksy

David Pavloksy

Children In Gold

Immigration / Youth / Islam

“Children in Gold” is an intimate documentation of Syrian child refugees as they first disembark on Lesbos, Greece in the fall of 2015. Read more

Irina Patkanian

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