Short Docs


Visiting Thru The Youth Lens

Incarceration / Children of Inmates

Visiting Through The Youth Lens explores how a sustained relationship with a parent in prison helps reduce a child’s trauma and the parent’s recidivism.  [Read more]

Jeremy Robbins

image of activist Shandra Woworuntu

Surviving Sex Trafficking

Sex Trafficking / WomenEmpowerment

In Surviving Sex Trafficking, Shandra Woworuntu, an activist who survived sex trafficking, shares her harrowing account of being held captive as a sex slave in Brooklyn. … [Read More]

image of Tanya Domi

Tanya Domi

DACA – Dreams on Hold

Immigration / DACA

In DACA – Dreams on Hold, Asian American Life’s correspondent Paul Lin reports on the challenges undocumented students face pursuing a college education … [Read More]

Shirley Leyro

Walking with Furee

Empowerment / Community Organizing

Walking with Furee shows how a Harlem-raised believer in the American Dream found herself jobless and going to the welfare office. The humiliation she felt … [Read More]

image of Shatia Strother

Shatia Strother

Saj – Muslim in America

Islam / Religion

In Saj – Muslim in America, college student living in NYC talks about her religious upbringing as a Muslim and her quest for a less traditional and more personal spiritual … [Read More]

Michelle Fine

Military Promises

Mental Health / Veterans

Military Promises explores the mental health effects of a young man’s experience in the US Navy. Brian, who was recruited into the US Navy with offers of the opportunity  … [Read More]

Vienna Messina

Excuse My Gangsta Ways

Asian American Youth / Gang Culture

Excuse My Gangsta Ways is a visual poetic documentary portrait of Davina Wan, a Chinese American woman, who was a former gang member from Lower East Side …. [Read More]

Margaret Chin

Right To Vend

Street Vendors / Public Spaces

Set in NYC, The Right to Vend describes the struggles of street vendors, a diverse community of hard-working immigrants, people of color and military veterans who served their country…  [Read More]

Matthew Shapiro

Here to Stay

Tenants Rights / Gentrification

Here to Stay illustrates the effects of gentrification in Manhattan’s Chinatown as an elderly man and fellow tenants in endangered single-room occupancy building await … [Read More]

Melanie Wang

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