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image from Stand Up, Stand Out

Stand Up, Stand Out

LBGTQ / AIDS / Gay Liberation

"Stand Up, Stand Out" tells a unique story of activism that took place in San Francisco during the burgeoning Gay Liberation Movement of the 1970s. Read more
image of David Pavloksy

David Pavloksy

Children In Gold

Immigration / Youth / Islam

“Children in Gold” is an intimate documentation of Syrian child refugees as they first disembark on Lesbos, Greece in the fall of 2015. Read more

Irina Patkanian

Puzzles: When Hate Comes to Town

Hate Crimes / Homophobia / Intolerance

"Puzzles" tells the complex story of a brutal 2006 hate crime attack on three patrons of Puzzles Lounge, a gay bar in New Bedford, MA, and how the conflicting worlds of a violent homophobic offender and his victims collided. Read more

Tami Gold

40 Years of Hip-Hop

40 Years of Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop / Artists

"With the help of archival footage, Hip-Hop pioneer Grandmaster Caz and other cultural historians, "40 Years Of Hip-Hop" looks back at what has quickly become a global phenomenon. Read more
Eddie Bailey

Eddie Bailey

Between Neighborhoods

Between Neighborhoods

Immigration / Diversity / Discrimination

"Between Neighborhoods" explores the inter-borough and international present and past of imperialism and immigration that orbit the Unisphere in Queens. ... it connects the neoliberal/nationalist age of Trump to the authoritarian liberal legacy of Robert Moses... Read more
Seth Fein

Seth Fein

Still Living Undocumented: Five Years Later

DACA / Immigration / Youth

"Still Living Undocumented" follows three individuals from the first film to see how DACA has impacted some of their lives and left others outside of its reach Read more

Tatyana Kleyn

Prodigal Fatther

Incarceration / Children of Inmates

"Prodigal Father" follows a filmmaker as he explores the aftermath of his father’s decades-long heroin addiction and violent past. How do a mother and her eight children survive with a father in-and-out of prison? Read more

Robert Exley

What's Your Issue?

LBGTQ / Diversity / Youth

"WHAT’S YOUR ISSUE?" is a national participatory action research project designed with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and gender nonconforming youth Read more

Xavier Phifer - A Resilience Story

Incarceration / Justice

Xavier Phifer, a 17 year-old student from Brooklyn, describes how his mother's incarceration ten years ago shaped the person he is now. Read more
Francis Adjei

Francis Adjei

Fighting For Justice

Islam / Justice / Discrimination

"Fighting for Justice" focuses on the prosecution of hate crimes in the wake of the 2016 midday execution-style murders of Bangladeshi Imam Maulana Akonjee and his assistant, Thara Uddin in Queens, New York. Read more

Anuz Thapa

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