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Chinatown Dear Friend

Dear Friend Chinatown

Tian Leng’s short documentary “Dear Friend Chinatown” is an intimate visual essay in the form of a video postcard written to a friend. The film explores the casual encounters between the Chinese filmmaker and everyday life in New York’s Chinatown. Shopkeepers, old neighbors, and monks mingle with worldwide visitors in a vivid microcosm of culture, […]

Between Neighborhoods

Between Neighborhoods

Seth Fein’s split-screen, trans-historical documentary ‘Between Neighborhoods’ (81 mins) explores the inter-borough and international present and past of imperialism and immigration that orbit the Unisphere in Queens. This edited 11-minute excerpt connects the neoliberal/nationalist age of Donald Trump to the authoritarian liberal legacy of Robert Moses, who constructed the Unisphere as the central theme of […]

What’s Your Issue?

  WHAT’S YOUR ISSUE? is a national participatory action research project designed with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and gender nonconforming (LGBTQ & GNC) youth documenting their dreams, desires, and priorities. Interviewing participants, the video presents the results of a National Survey describing critical issues that affect queer, GNC, and trans youth.

image of Tim Okamura at work

Tim Okamura’s Journey

Original tape date: November 3, 2017. First aired: May 17, 2018. CUNY TV Digital Series’ Producer Darrell Brown interviews painter Tim Okamura, whose art blends graffiti and realism depicting New York City’s diverse inhabitants. Born and raised in Canada, with his background being Newfoundland and Japanese, Okamura focuses his art on a slice of life […]

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