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Ebb Tide

Zee is an 86-year-old retired teacher, who decides to go back to the happiest time of her life and make peace with the path she has chosen by reconnecting with her students from the early ’90s in East Harlem. Most of her students back then were non-readers, but through non-traditional methods, she helped them produce […]

The Unstoppable

The Unstoppable “The Unstoppable” is a short film inspired by Julianna Greenidge’s real-life battle with anxiety and depression. The film follows Lottie, an eccentric black teenage girl who struggles to communicate her feelings and becomes overwhelmed by things she cannot control. Lottie finds solace in writing, but her fight to work through her emotions is interrupted […]

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Right To College “Right to College” is a video describing the challenges facing Karoline, Christine, and Enoch. They are seniors at Brooklyn high schools determined to get their classmates to attend college, even as they struggle with the process themselves. They are working as college counselors with the support of CARA -College Access: Research & Action, a […]

Still Living Undocumented: Five Years Later

Still Living Undocumented: Five Years Later is the sequel to the 2012 documentary Living Undocumented: High School, College and Beyond. The first film captured the realities of undocumented youth in New York City. At the same time, the DACA program was announced and drastically changed the lives of some of the people in the film. […]

What’s Your Issue?

  WHAT’S YOUR ISSUE? is a national participatory action research project designed with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and gender nonconforming (LGBTQ & GNC) youth documenting their dreams, desires, and priorities. Interviewing participants, the video presents the results of a National Survey describing critical issues that affect queer, GNC, and trans youth.

Caring Through Struggle

Caring Through Struggle

In this short documentary, young filmmakers with incarcerated parents set out to unveil some of the hidden consequences of our nation’s approach to imprisonment. The crew journeyed to understand their childhoods being brought up by grandparents, and by extension, the issues caregivers face when raising a child with an incarcerated parent. Part of the Echoes […]

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Surviving Child Abuse – Monica’s Refuge

  This piece describes the ordeal of Monica, a young woman from Medellin, Colombia. After the death of her parents, she was sold to various childless couples who continuously abused and molested her. At the age of 11, she finds shelter at an orphanage supported by the Orphaned Starfish Foundation. There, she finds educational assistance […]

Visiting Through the Youth Lens

Visiting Through the Youth Lens

  Research has shown that a sustained relationship with a parent in prison is one of the most influential factors in both reducing a child’s trauma, and also in lowering that parent’s rate of recidivism. However, children often face great resistance to visiting a parent. This short film describes the challenges, the sorrows, and the […]

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