Between Neighborhoods

Seth Fein’s split-screen, trans-historical documentary ‘Between Neighborhoods’ (81 mins) explores the inter-borough and international present and past of imperialism and immigration that orbit the Unisphere in Queens. This edited 11-minute excerpt connects the neoliberal/nationalist age of Donald Trump to the authoritarian liberal legacy of Robert Moses, who constructed the Unisphere as the central theme of his 1964-65 New York World’s Fair.

Seth Fein is an audiovisual historian and documentary artist who lives in Jackson Heights, Queens, where he operates Seven Local Film. He teaches in Brooklyn College’s Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, in the borough in which he was born, raised, and publicly schooled. His next doc, ‘Our Neighborhood,’ examines the small-screen cold war Washington waged against the Cuban Revolution on Latin American TV in the 1960s.

Short Docs Web Series showcases short documentaries about NYC’s minority communities and examines issues including immigration, human rights, education, diaspora, multiculturalism, environmental issues and criminal justice.

Short Docs creates a fresh multi-cultural dialogue and amplifies the film’s issues through social media. The documentaries stream along with interviews with the filmmakers and subjects related to the pieces at

Seth Fein Interview

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