Vinit Parmar Interview


Filmmaker and Brooklyn College Film Department professor Vinit Parmar is committed to telling the stories of the underrepresented. Vinit’s debut documentary, “Living River,” focuses on the Ganges River, polluted not only by the people who revere its holiness but also by industry seeking profit while endangering the health and livelihood of millions who live along the river. In Vinit’s short film, “Quest for Energy,” he illustrates how Indian communities residing in the Sundarbans, the largest mangrove wetland forest in the world, found sustainable ways to produce energy without a carbon footprint. And, in his latest project, “Twice a Refugee,” he focuses on a Palestinian-born refugee who flees the war in Syria and arrives in Germany looking for a new home. This interview streams alongside the short film “Quest for Energy,” released by Short Docs.


Quest For Energy



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