The Unstoppable – Interviews
Cecilia R. Mejia is the producer of ‘The Unstoppable,’ a short film inspired by a black teenage girl’s real-life battle with anxiety and depression. She discusses the film’s mission to help shed light on mental health issues affecting young people of color.

Julianna Greenidge, writer of the story and lead actor, describes her emotional struggles in high school and her experiences as an advocate for mental health discussions in public schools.

Phill Grubler, a High School teacher and actor in the film, discusses the challenging emotional circumstances of teens in schools with large concentrations of low-income students.

These interviews accompany the film ‘The Unstoppable’, released by CUNY TV Short Docs. The film is available for school screenings. For all inquiries email

Cecilia R. Mejia – Producer

Cecilia R. Mejia was born and raised in Brooklyn, a first-generation Filipino-American. She has worked in development for several non-profit organizations, including NGOs affiliated with the United Nations. She’s worked with several grassroots organizations focusing on underrepresented communities, which lead to her working on a short documentary about the struggles of detained undocumented families, jumpstarting her film career. Cecilia has produced a number of short films focusing on critical social impact issues like mental health and gender inequality. She’s won several awards as the lead producer for the upcoming “Yellow Rose” and as Social Impact Producer for the award-winning doc “Call Her Ganda.” She currently serves as the creative lead on several other projects working on the creative, funding and social impact components of films.

Cecilia is combining her love of film with the goal of focusing on social impact stories that inspire change, most specifically with under-resourced youth through her non-profit organization Art of Me as creative director, helping students turn their stories into high-quality short films. She was recently featured in Forbes Magazine for her work. She attended the State University of New York at Buffalo. She has a master’s degree in Public Administration and Affairs, and has completed the Columbia Business School’s Emerging Non-Profit Leaders Program.

Julianna Greenidge – Writer/actor

Julianna is a 20-year old writer and actor from Bushwick, Brooklyn. She has been interested in film ever since she can remember and has been writing narrative stories since the second grade. Her filmmaking experience began at the age of 15 on the set of “The Unstoppable,” a docu-short about bullying. Juliana’s goal in life is to open more doors in the film industry for young women of color and believes that “The Unstoppable” helped launch that conversation.

Phill Grubler – Teacher/actor

Phill is an ELA teacher at Brooklyn Collaborative Studies High School. He’s a well-respected educator known for his straightforwardness and willingness to help. Phill has been an invaluable resource for producer Cecilia R. Mejia and the non-profit organization Art of Me as they continue to expand the organization’s platform, supporting young people to express themselves, and reflecting on the issues affecting them. Phill is an avid reader. ‘The Unstoppable’ is his first acting credit.

The Unstoppable

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