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Xavier Phifer – Resilience Story

Xavier Phifer, a 17 year-old student from Brooklyn, describes how his mother’s incarceration ten years ago shaped the person he is now. With her support, he has pursued education and filmmaking, advocating for laws that would place incarcerated parents closer to their children. Francis Adjei

Fighting For Justice

Fighting For Justice

  Anuz Thapa’s “Fighting for Justice” focuses on how the criminal justice system is reluctant to charge people with a ‘hate crime.’ Bangladeshi Imam Maulana Akonjee and his assistant, Thara Uddin were murdered in broad daylight in Queens in 2016. Since losing his father, Saif Akonjee becomes the head of his devastated family, deferring his […]

image of Tim Okamura at work

Tim Okamura’s Journey

Original tape date: November 3, 2017. First aired: May 17, 2018. CUNY TV Digital Series’ Producer Darrell Brown interviews painter Tim Okamura, whose art blends graffiti and realism depicting New York City’s diverse inhabitants. Born and raised in Canada, with his background being Newfoundland and Japanese, Okamura focuses his art on a slice of life […]

Caring Through Struggle

Caring Through Struggle

In this short documentary, young filmmakers with incarcerated parents set out to unveil some of the hidden consequences of our nation’s approach to imprisonment. The crew journeyed to understand their childhoods being brought up by grandparents, and by extension, the issues caregivers face when raising a child with an incarcerated parent. Part of the Echoes […]

children on school steps

Surviving Child Abuse – Monica’s Refuge

  This piece describes the ordeal of Monica, a young woman from Medellin, Colombia. After the death of her parents, she was sold to various childless couples who continuously abused and molested her. At the age of 11, she finds shelter at an orphanage supported by the Orphaned Starfish Foundation. There, she finds educational assistance […]

Visiting Through the Youth Lens

Visiting Through the Youth Lens

  Research has shown that a sustained relationship with a parent in prison is one of the most influential factors in both reducing a child’s trauma, and also in lowering that parent’s rate of recidivism. However, children often face great resistance to visiting a parent. This short film describes the challenges, the sorrows, and the […]

Walking With Furee

Walking With Furee

  Wanda Imasuen, a Harlem-raised believer in the American Dream, found herself jobless and going to the welfare office. The humiliation she felt, and the persistent efforts of the women at FUREE (Families United for Racial and Economic Equality), led Wanda to become an activist and speaker and to recruit other women to empower themselves. […]

Saj - Muslim in America

Saj – Muslim in America

  Sajda Abdul-Rahim, a college student living in New York City, talks about her religious upbringing as a Muslim and her quest for a less traditional and more personal spiritual connection with God. Michelle Fine

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